Family Recipes

At El Pueblito, we take pride in the quality of our family recipes.  We think of you as family and serve you with the same quality and friendliness as we serve in our homes.  We think you'll notice - there's just something much better about our food.  Come in and give it a try - we'll greet you with a big smile!

Old World Charm

When you step in our door, you'll feel as if you've stepped into old Mexico. Both our Gig Harbor and Port Orchard locations are excellent for corporate events or just enjoying a night of amazing Mexican cuisine with your family. Come and see us!

Delicious, Traditional Mexican Cusisine!

Our customers drive from miles around just to buy our salsa and take it home with them!  When you get a craving for one of our specialty dishes you just have to come in.  It's because we prepare every one of our dishes as if we were making it for one of our family.